Just In: You'll Never Guess What This Amazon Driver Did To His Truck!!!

Price Of Bitcoin Reaches New High, As Inflation Rises At Level Not Seen In 30 Years

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This is the Idiot News Network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news! Listen to the Idiot News Network for Monday November 29th, 2021 below!

How can you make a billion dollars!? Jubal Fresh kinda has the answer to all of our questions! Apparently, bitcoin is the next biggest thing and it has the potential to make you billions! So much so, that Los Angeles' Staples Center will officially change its name to Crypto.com Arena and El Salvador's forthcoming Volcano-powered crypto-city. Click here to read more about the future of crypto currency!

Alex Fresh reports from a man's drive way where you won't believe what an Amazon driver did to his truck! After discovering the "fix engine" light in his truck, an Amazon driver decided to leave it in a customers driveway. As the van stood vacant on the man's property, he had to move it a few times! Click here to read more about this man's "stand-off" with this vacant Amazon truck!

A group of crows is called a murder but what is a group of idiots cleaning a beach? English Evan attempted to report from a beach in Denmark, on a story where the country is catching heat for how they're cleaning beaches. However, English Evan was interrupted by a country song, so he'll save that story for another time! Until then, click here to read about the ridiculous way this Danish town is "cleaning their beaches".

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