Call Of Duty: The God Squad!

The God Squad is back and better than ever! The God Squad for those of you wondering includes myself, aka, Shreddah. Jordan, aka, Jerpub and Ross, aka, Coco. We recently have been struggling to get together online and play Call Of Duty because of work and just general life things, but now, we are back.

Land in Verdansk and see what happens. You should be praying we don't pick up a bounty with your name on it because that's a death sentence. All jokes aside, playing Call Of Duty with my friends from England has been a blessing in disguise. When the pandemic started I had lost contact with these guys, not because of anything negative, life was just getting in the way. Now though we pretty much talk every day and happen to be killing people (virtually) in Warzone which is a lot of fun!

If you are thinking or reconnecting with friends that you aren't speaking to a lot, whatever the reason might be, I highly recommend using gaming as a way to spark the conversation.

As always you can follow me on Instagram @evanontheradio and make sure you follow @thejubalshow.

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