How To: Clean your Car!

I cleaned my car over the weekend and it was incredibly satisfying. I also realized though how filthy I am. I am disgusting. However now I am not because I was proactive and cleaned. The cleaning game is a cruel mistress, but now I have tamed her.

When I say I cleaned the inside of my car, all I did was vacuum the inside of the car. It was filthy inside. There was everything from McDonald's fries to rocks. That if I am totally honest was the first time I have vacuumed my car since I have had it. I have had 3 cars within the last 6 years so thats not a horrendous stat, but I am aware it's still pretty bad.

When vacuuming the inside of your car, make sure that you remove all the car mat's and then you may begin the vacuuming process. Aside from that I literally dont have any other tips. I think I just wanted to write this blog so that I could show the world how proud I am of myself for cleaning my car. On that day, Evan became an adult. Im sure this was an incredibly riveting read for you.

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