Son sues his mother over her OnlyFans account!

A 19-year old boy in London has gone viral after helping his mother create her own OnlyFans account - an online, subscription based service that allows users to create and sell content to fans exclusively. Here’s the thing, the site has become notorious for sexual content and “sex-work,” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leonardo Hathaway, wasn’t worried about helping his mother Lucene Duarte to make money in the awkward way. Plus Lucene is no stranger to taking naughty photos being an ex Playboy Model and past Miss Bum Bum. "I have to support her choices, just as she supports me," he explained to news outlets. "When asked if I support her, I always ask back: 'Why shouldn't I?'," he continued.

Well that all changed when his mother started to make more money than the average users monthly $182 profit with a whopping 7-figure check. Now Leornado is suing his mother and refuses to take any more photos for his mothers account until she decides to break him a piece of the pie! Don’t we all love family affairs!? Read more about this one HERE. Of course, this led The Jubal Show discussing Alex Fresh’s potential Only Fans account! Listen to what they had to say and sound off in the comments below! Do you think Lucene Duarte should pay her son Leornado?