Scientists discover a worm with over one-thousands butts!

The Jubal Show discussed the R. multicaudata also known as the “Twerk Worm” discovered with over one-thousand butts. An international team of scientists led by Universities in Spain and Germany discovered the organism earlier this month. The worm, native of Australian waters, lives in the pores of sea sponges (cue the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song). Once these creatures attach to their host, they spread extensively through the sponges tunnels dividing continuously with many tails and butts like the Kardashian family. Each butt very weird but also very beautiful! Read more HERE.

This led to Jubal Fresh, Alex and English Evan’s question, “If you had an extra body part, what would it be?” While Alex is strategically asking for extra arms to effectively multi-task and Evan wants ears on top of his ears to hear better, you’ll never guess what extra body part Jubal was but the POV from the body part, priceless! Listen to the segment below and sound off in the comments - if you had an extra body part, what would it be?