#PermitPatty has struck!

Over the weekend the story has gone viral about "Permit Patty" calling the cops on an 8 year old girl selling water without a permit. The lady, Patty we will call her, was working from her home office when she said all she could hear was every two seconds this loud voice calling out come buy my stuff. When she went downstairs to look at what was going on, she found 8 year old Jordan selling water, because her mom recently lost her job, and she was trying to raise money to go to DisneyLand because her mom promised her. Well, Patty was not having it and called the cops, because she was selling water without a permit. Later The Huffington Post identified the worman as Alison Ettel, and she told them that she was pretending to call the police.  Later we found out that was a lie, she actually did call the police. Well, it wasn't long before some awesome people came out to support the 8 year old girl. Thankfully, there was a glimmer of goodness behind this whole awful story. One stranger decided to make it his mission to get Jordan to Disneyland. He bought the whole family tickets and reminded the world that there is kindness out there. Jonathon Brannon was the twitter user @BrannonMusic said he purchased 4 adult peak tickets for her family. The goodness in people is what we live for.

 You can check out the story's timeline right here

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