Have we been drinking wine wrong?

Growing up we have all learned that you leave your red wine out and drink it at room temperature. They say the reason we do it, is because through out the 1600-1900's paintings you see wine is sitting out for all to drink. So subconsciously we were trained that red wine is room temp and white and rose's are chilled. However, thanks to Central Heat and Air "Room Temp" is actually higher than what is anticipated.  Normally we keep our houses around 65-75 degrees or 80 if you are cold. But actually, according to the Sydney Wine Academy the proper temperature for drinking red wine is 53-64 degrees in temperature.   So now we have to think of new ways to keep our wine at the right drinking temperature, like using a wine fridge or just putting it on ice for an hour before drinking. For the full layout check out this article

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