Bryan Canchola expected for court verdict today

"A man who is suspected of beating his boyfriend to death no longer faces several felony charges, including a murder charge, after a Travis County judge tossed out the bulk of a medical examiner’s controversial testimony on Monday."

In 2015 on West Campus Police were called to an apartment for domestic violence. Upon arrival the police saw one person, Stephen Sylvester, on the floor unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital and later died due to his injuries. 

His boyfriend Bryan Canchola was arrested on several felonies including murder. After deliberation the judge threw out the medical examiners testimony after he changed his story in mid-trial.

Many people will be standing out in front of the courthouse today to protest the decision of the judge to throw out the testitmony.

Domestic Violence is a real problem no matter what family it affects. We hope justice is served in this case and we hope the family of Stephen Sylvester can find closure in this case. 

Here is the story of everything that has happened in court thus far

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