These people wanted to expand their relationship

We got an email from a listener that states the following:

"In advance of our date tomorrow I'd like to disclose more information about my personal situation to you. 

I have a girlfriend. We have been together for over a year. We recently decided to try an open relationship where we can date and have relationships beyond our own. 

This is new for us and was born from a desire to strengthen our relationship bond and have more fun with others.  She knows about you and we are in agreement that I can meet you. If this is not something you are open to exploring I completely understand. If you'd like to discuss more before meeting, we can postpone and have some phone convos.

 For you the benefits would be a low pressure, low commitment relationship with an honest, transparent man. It could be fun, exciting and satisfying with no expectations of anything more serious. 

Take the time you need to think about this"

So in the studio we discussed it and Billy can't even imagine it. Anne understands but doesn't agree and Producer Jacob Commends the guy on being honest.  But what do you think?

Does she walk away and pass up on the date?  Does she go out on the date and continue moving forward with the dating situation knowing that he has a girlfriend?

What do you think? Let us know!

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