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TOP 3 WEEKLY | Music Discovery

G Flip- About You

This young Australian locked herself in her room for a year to learn music production. She used to tour as a drummer and taught kids guitiar and drums. Then decided she wanted to make music on her own and woa. With her first track seeing the light outside of her room, it's a synth-pop jam. The chorus is catchy and the song builds to an awesome drum solo. 

The song is going viral via Facebook and YouTube also added it to a new music playlist. 

G Flip is coming to SXSW. Looking for a label and others to help her take this to the next level. 


This song is going crazy on streaming sites right now. We've taken notice too. Atlantic records signed this RnB sweet heart Bazzi. 

His flute beat and charming lyrics are opening this song to new audiences. 

Jeremy Zucker- end

While many of his other songs are more hip-hop, him rapping and singing. He even sounds a lot like Blackbear when he sings to me. 

I like this track though, different from the others. Slow, melodic, it tells a deeper story. 

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