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The Four competitors before they were on TV!


My girl. I don't know what it is but Zhavia fascinates me. I truly do believe she's a real artist. Listening here makes me love her more because her range is insane! She could be showcasing so much more on The Four! I think she's been holding back and has been trying to be different with her low tones. But shoot, I'd love to hear this falsetto live tonight. I want her to win so bad! But I think even if she doesn't she'll have a career post show. 1 Million follows on Instagram. Awesome style and talent,. and she's only 16! WHAT. 

Evvie McKinney

Good thing is if she wins she'll be working with real producers cause the effects on this song...just don't sound great. She is so so cute though. I couldn't find much out there of her. But hopefully that'll change. 

Vincint Cannady

Vincint actually had a lot of really awesome covers and originals out there. No matter what the outcome is tonight, I don't think he's going to slow down. 

Candice Boyd

anddddd with by far the weirdest video I found on the internet. Candice made this song... 

I think we all think of Beyonce in yellow running through town smashing stuff with a baseball bat but this song came out BEFORE Lemonade. Maybe she inspired Bey, doubtful.

She is super talented on The Four though! 

Who do you want to win? Then who do you actually think will win?? Hit me up! @hannahoradio 

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