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HannahO's Top 3 Weekly

The Middle- Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

This video premiered during the Grammy's as a target ad. I love the floor dancing! Maren Morris soungds flawless on this track. I have no issue seeing this country girl sing pop. 

IDGAF- Dua Lipa


Video made the radio star? Dua Lipa's music videos have become so iconic. The girl gang and weird synchronized dancing is just so hypnotizing to watch. I also just adore Dua's voice. The low tone is not something you get often in a female vocalist. Like when she sings " I don't need your luuuuuv". The drop on love is so smooth. 

Betrayed- Lil Xan


I don't know why I find this kid so fascinating. I found him after seeing him on No Jumper, a great hip hop podcast ran by Adam22. 

I don't know if it's the face tats, the fact that he looks like Carl Gallagher or WHAT. 

The beat is great. The lyrics are easy, silly and fun. And I'm apart of Xanarchy. 

Tell me your thoughts! Do you love one of theis tracks? Do you think I'm crazy for liking Lil Xan? Haha 

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