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Halsey's soul-baring speech at the Women's March.

Warning: This video describes sexual assault along with language. 

It's also real life. 

In this instagram caption she posted today. She talks about how she came to the words of the poem. 

A lot of people don't know Halsey's life. 

She used to be homeless. She has gone through so much to be where she is. But the point of the matter is that these actions of assault and force should not happen to anyone. No matter who you are. 

It's crazy that it's taken this long for the issue to become seen but let's be real, it's not easy to talk about. But with many voices together, we become stronger. And seeing one woman speak up, it's encouraging for you to speak out your story. 

I've always loved Halsey, from her talents, to the person she is. 

I've watched this several times now and never stops captivating me as I see it shared and shared online. 

Thank you for this.

*also Halsey's real name is Ashley. You can catch that in the series of names she reads at the end. 

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