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WURSTFEST opens today!


-Get your tickets ahead of time.

The lines to buy one are long.

-Print your tickets at home. 

I never do this anymore because, duh. You can just show the ticket on your phone BUT since there's so many people at Wurstfest, signals suck. I remember last year it took me awhile to get the internet pulled up. I had to walk away from the venue and it still took 10 minutes or more. 

-Don't go on Thursday. Unless you're a student. It's college night. I mean the whole event is very college-y but it's nice to feel young eh?

-Don;t buy more tickets than you'll actually use. 

You purchase beer, food, and carnival rides by tickets. So dollars turn to tickets. So don't buy too many tickets initially cause you can't get refunded tickets. But you can just always buy more. Make sense?

-Get there early! Parking is rough, but it already gets so dark fast now, may as well go out a little earlier to snag a more walkable parking spot. 

-Be safe. 

Everyone is drinking A LOT. Texas State offers busses from San Marcos to the fest which is so cool. But some people may think getting an Uber to New Braunfels is too expensive and may drink and drive. Have a plan and watch out for others. 

-Check out the band! 

They're sooo much fun. My favorite part of the whole event honestly. 

-Get a cute picture.

and caption it "You're the wurst!" 

Open today, November 3rd to the 12th.

You can snag tickets below. 

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