FDA issues health risks for consuming black licorice. (The few who eat it)

With Halloween tonight, FDA released a health conern statement about black licorice. Saying that eating too much could cause side effects of atypical heart patterns, high blood pressure, swelling, being extremely tired, and congestive heart failure. Yikes! 

Not that this was a concern for me anyway cause black licorice is DISGUSTING. Like please tell me one person who likes this stuff. This is also why I think Yeager is sooo gross, I don't know why frat boys like it so much. Puke.

While you should always be careful with how much candy you or your kid may eat, be careful that licorice. To the few of you that actually like it...

Red Vines and Twizzlers are chill. Just not the weird black licorice versions of the candy. 

Hannah O.

Hannah O.

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