I'm Hannah and I can say me too.

You may have noticed your Facebook and Twitter being flooded today by girls posting statuses saying "Me too." Some may have left it at that. Others may have told a personal story, and others may have just vented about the unjust life we live in and how common sexual assault is. 

Yes, that's why each girl wrote Me too. To show the masses of women who have been sexually assaulted in their life. 

While still some girls may have not wrote it, doesn't mean they weren't. They just may not be ready. Or owe you that story. 

I'm not one to share my story often as it already haunts my nightmares, it's not something I rehash easily. 

But I can tell you, Me too. I have also been sexually assaulted at age 15 with a man who went to jail. Not all people see that justice. 

Tonight, I said me too on the radio. And while doing it, I felt strong talking into Kesha's "Praying", I just broke down in tears. How big that was to say out loud. But I truly hope I can affect one guy to rethink or one girl to not feel alone.

Hannah O.

Hannah O.

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