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What I think happened between Corinne and DeMario.

I want to start with that this is just my personal opinion on the matter. I am in no way making allegations or statements, just opinion. 

Yes, I watch trashy tv. Mainly just these dating shows because they're hilariously ridiculous and very entertaining. 

I remember hearing about the "scandal" earlier this summer and believed the rumors that Corinne was a victim of some kind of sexual assault. 

After watching the interviews Chris did on Bachelor in Paradise with Corinne and DeMario seperately, I have a bit more of a guess of what happened. 

Even though both were so vague (as I'm sure they legally had to) I kind of got the gist. 

THE INCIDENT: First day of paradise. Everyone is drunk. But especially Corinne. Like she jumped on DeMario when they were talking about where they grew up. Later in Corinne's interview, she reveals she's on medication that she maybe shouldn't have been taking with alcohol. She also claims she doesn't remember that day at all. Which we know does happen with some drugs. 

We saw DeMario and Corinne go into the pool during Alex's Interview that they aired. 

It looked like both were consenting, just drunk. 

In both interviews in the studio session, neither Corinne or DeMario are mad at each other or accusing each other of anything. 

They said that production stopped because a third party made a comment of misconduct. 

I think one of the crew members saw that Corinne was wasted and thought that wasn't okay for her and DeMario to be intimate with her in that state.

The take away is that consent is always important! Even when drunk. Especially. 

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