Hello a little about myself… I am Gossip Greg also known as GG or just Greg! I am from Mobile, Alabama the Gulf Coast is where I call home! I have been a Texan officially for 2 years now! Something you might not know is that it’s actually my 3rd time moving to this amazing place Austin, TX! LOL Long story…. Feel free to ask and I will tell you everything! Gossip_Greg on IG is where you can always find me! My brief story about how I got into radio. I started as an intern in 2012 working for FREE! Yikes… it was so tough but so much FUN its where I discovered my passion for Radio and TV. During time when I had no idea what I was doing with my life! It’s been an amazing ride that has led me to Austin, TX! Let’s get to know each other ATX!  

Follow me on social media! Gossip_Greg Looking forward to being friends!