Mama Bobcat & Kittens Spotted Playing Around In Texas Backyard: WATCH

Photo: Getty Images

A backyard had some unexpected visitors this week!

Jessica Luna of Pflugerville captured an adorable video of a mama bobcat playing with at least three kittens in her neighbor's backyard. The videos obtained by KXAN show the cats horsing around on what appear to be stairs to the outdoor deck, rolling around in the grass and even climbing a tree in the backyard.

While it might be unsettling to think of bobcats playing around in your backyard, it's not uncommon. Texas Parks and Wildlife said it's "perfectly normal" for bobcats to be spotted in "urban areas and for them to be active during both the day and night," KXAN reports. TWPD says breeding season for this big cats begins in February and kittens are born by March or April. The mother typically raises and protects its kittens until early fall.

If you come across a bobcat in your neighborhood, there are some deterrent techniques you can use to keep them away, including noisemakers, clapping or waving your arms and shouting. It's important to remember to not chase, approach or corner the bobcats. Also noteworthy is Texas law, which prohibits the relocating of bobcats, coyotes and other wild animals.

You can watch the adorable video of the Pflugerville bobcats below:

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