Adult Entertainment Event Interrupts Texas High School Golf Team Practice

Photo: Getty Images

A high school golf team was in for a shock when it arrived to practice earlier this week.

The Vista Ridge High School golf team showed up to practice at Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin on Monday (October 3) when they discovered an adult entertainment club was hosting an event at the same time, according to FOX 7. The adult golf tournament participants were "acting very inappropriately" and the golf team "did witness some lewd behavior," said Keith Allen, head coach and athletic coordinator. Parents reported their children saw "scantily clad women" and "topless women driving a golf cart."

Golf practice was immediately canceled and the golfers were told to contact their parents to pick them up.

Allen said the school's golf coaches weren't aware of the adult golf tournament taking place. Furthermore, Avery Ranch said they were "not aware that these inappropriate actions would occur," adding that the golf club "does not condone these actions." The golf team will no longer be practicing at Avery Ranch despite the school's 20-year relationship with the golf course, Allen added.

The club hosting the event is believed to be the Yellow Rose, a cabaret and live adult entertainment hot spot in Austin. The Yellow Rose shared on social media it would hold its golf tournament at Avery Ranch on October 3.

Since the incident on Monday, the city has gotten involved. The Yellow Rose also issued a statement. Check out the latest details!

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