Texas Apartment Residents Dealing With Raw Sewage, Faulty A/C Units

Photo: Getty Images

One Texas apartment complex has had several violations this week after residents complained about some pretty bad living conditions.

WFAA reported that residents have been complaining about a number of things, including raw sewage, foul odors, flooding, and broken air conditioning units.

One woman said, "My whole room flooded. You're talking about something sitting in feces."

Another tenant explained, "It started coming up from the rim of the toilet."

The family living on the first floor believes that a broken pipe caused the flooding. The break caused human waste to seep through the walls and into their home. According to a resident, it took management hours to respond.

The family had to leave their home for safety, due to the toxic conditions. The woman explained, "My uncle sent me money to get a hotel room. I had just paid the rent, and I’d just paid my car note. So, I didn’t have money to get a hotel room."

The family said that this isn't the first time a leak like this has happened. And there is always little to no action from property management.

The tenant said, "They come out. They tweak it a little but, but it never lasts long."

In the flooded apartment, maintenance workers delivered a wet vac, industrial blowers, and a dehumidifier. Most of the family's property is damaged from getting wet and coming in contact with human waste. The woman said, "I always feel like this may get me and my kids sick."

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