TikToker Talia Moralas just got engaged to fiancé Eulalio Wolfe, and they are planning to wed in December. With planning in full swing, she took to the social media platform to share her approach to her bridesmaids, sharing the thoughtful questionnaire she sent all of them through the online survey platform Google Forms. 

Talia used the survey to gage the comfort levels and preferences of her gals, asking them a series of reasonable questions, like whether they want their hair and makeup professionally done, how much their budget is for a dress, their preferred style of dress and shoes, and more. She also asked them about their availability, to aid in her scheduling of dress shopping and pre-wedding events, and gave them an outlet to share ideas for her bachelorette. She also included a section where anyone in the bridal party can offer up suggestions or comments, or even express any concerns. 

"I understand that each of my bridesmaids have a different budget, style and schedule," she says "They will be standing next to me on one of the most memorable days of my life. The least I can do is be mindful of their spending and their time." As for how the bridal party felt about the questionnaire, she says they have been “supportive and dependable,” noting “I am truly blessed to have their friendship." 

And folks on TikTok are all for the idea. The posts have been viewed almost 300,000 times and as one person noted, “This is exactly what every bride should do. This is really considerate of your [bridesmaids'] budget, time, & schedule."  YASSS BLESS IT!

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