The Salvation Army A Day of Giving

The sound of that bell ringing loud and bringing so much happiness and joy during Christmas time is rigging loudly early this year for the Salvations Army’s DAY OF GIVING. It’s Christmas in July and the Salvation Army is asking all Central Texans to do the most good on July 8th and help your neighbors who need a dry place to stay and a warm meal to eat.

A donation of just 40 dollars gets someone a bed for a night and 280 dollars gets someone that bed for a WHOLE WEEK!

Our goal on July 8th is to raise 500,000 dollars which can provide over 12,000 nights of safe sleep and warm meals to Central Texan Men, Women and children in need.

Giving is simple, all you have to do is text GIVE to 5125985979 that’s GIVE to 5125985979

Let’s do the most good Central Texas and make A DAY OF GIVING that truly makes a difference in the lives our neighbors.

Presented by JP’s Peace Love and Happiness Family Foundation. For more information and ways to give visit SalvationArmyAustin.Org   

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