Austin.... Have you seen Griffin?

On May 26 at 2:30 p.m., 100 pound chocolate lab Griffin escaped from his Round Rock home. Late May 30, he was spotted under the Hwy. 290 overpass at Tuscany Way, more than 25 miles from his backyard.

Dubbed “the gentle giant” by owner Shannon Haas, neighbors and strangers alike have rallied behind Haas’s search and are asking for the public’s help in bringing Griffin home.

“Hopefully if we can get another sighting of him and get direction, that can potentially start to help us track him down,” she said. “He’s scared and he’s skittish and he won’t go to people.”

Griffin’s disappearance has been chronicled on the Williamson County lost pets Facebook group as well as by nearly 80 community members on the Nextdoor group, “Bring Griffin Home.” But as a nine year-old lab who has had three leg surgeries, Haas is unsure how he’s possibly made the trek into Austin.

“I don’t know how he got there — I don’t know if somebody picked him up. I guarantee you, he didn’t walk that far,” she said, adding: “He’s nine years old and he’s my pride and joy.”

Griffin is 100 pounds and, when standing on his hind legs, reaches nearly six feet tall. Other defining traits include his bowed back legs and a slight limp in his walk, as well as some gray whiskers on his chin.

Haas is in contact with the Austin-based nonprofit Trapping, Rescue, and Pet Recovery Service, or TRAPRS, and has alerted both Williamson County and Austin’s animal shelters. As difficult as this process has been, she thanked and expressed love for all of her neighbors who have rallied behind her in search of her gentle giant.

For Griffin spottings, please contact Haas at 612-385-3806

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