SCREAMING.... Biting Worms Invade South Carolina BLESS IT!

Biting Worms Invade South Carolina Coastline...To Mate BLESSSSSSS THAT!

Spring is getting a halting start, but the weather is warm enough to think about hitting the beach in some places. That’s not recommended by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, because another crowd has already staked their claim to the waters off the state’s coastline.

Why? Clamworms. It's mating season and they're "in the mood." The good news is it's not forever, and the department says that swarms of birds and fish usually arrive to thin out the population.

Still, the human body has a lot of tender places and clamworms have a hooked set of jaws, and they’re strong enough to break the skin. That’s not what you need with you in the water by the thousands.

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