Busch is hiring, but humans need not apply! BLESS IT!


Dog need a job? Busch wants to pay your pooch $20,000 to be brew taster

Busch is hiring, but humans need not apply!

The beer giant is looking to hire a “true expert” to be its new CTO — chief tasting officer — of its Busch Dog Brew, an alcohol-free, bone broth beverage for canines. And the salary is $20,000.

The company introduced the dog brew last year as “the perfect opportunity to crack a cold one with their favorite canine companion,” and the first batch sold out in only 24 hours.

Along with the $20,000, the Busch Dog Brew taste tester job comes with benefits, including pet insurance and “stock options” in the form of Busch Dog Brew made with pork bone broth.

In addition to taste testing, the job responsibilities include quality control and being a product ambassador and “featured content creator on Busch’s social channels.”

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