Diane Sawyer Faces Backlash Over 2003 Britney Spears Interview!

News Source: E!

Sawyers brings up former First Lady of Maryland Kendel Ehrlich, who said if she had an opportunity to shoot Spears, "I think I would." Spears called the comment "horrible" and "really bad" while Sawyer continued to explain. "Because of the example for kids," the journalist said in part, "and how hard it is to be a parent." Sawyer went on to say, "and keep all of this away from your kids," though that portion wasn't shown in the episode.

"Well, that's really sad that she said that," Spears reiterated, defending herself. "I'm not here to, you know, babysit her kids."

Online, critics have taken aim at Sawyer's Instagram account, spamming her comment section with snake emojis, calls for her to apologize to Spears and for the veteran broadcaster to be "canceled." As one comment urged, "You should absolutely publicly apologize to Britney Spears immediately!" 

There's been a similar reaction on Timberlake's Instagram account, where Spears' supporters have not minced words about the "Better Days" singer and called him to apologize to his ex. E! News has reached out to Sawyer and Timberlake's reps for comment, but has not gotten a response. 

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