Kissmas Wishes 2020

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who helped us grant Kissmas wishes to 5 local Austin Families

The Molina Family

This family lost their dad and husband to cancer August 15 in the midst of the pandemic leaving i a single mom with 4 kids trying to survive emotionally and day to day. The effects of the loss has devastated the kids and left the household with an even bigger struggle. Mom worries about what will happen if she gets sick with the coronavirus. When she comes home from teaching each day, she tells the kids not to hug her before she can change her clothes and sanitize her hands. "I have to be strong," she says. I'm their only parent."

The Olson Family

My husband has been out of work for over 2 years from a work injury.

He will most likely not return to the line of work he done before.

Our daughter 15 years has been having seizures every month we go see the specialist to get the right combo of medication to stop them she has been on several medications.

I been working to pay the bills. It would be nice to have a break.

The Longoria Family

I am 34 years old. I really need help as I am going through lot right now. I am very sick and on hospice comfort care because of my illness. The doctor told me I have 6 months left to live. It's very emotional and heartbreaking because I have three kids, age 15, 12 and 14. It's sad that they have to see me sick all the time and knowing that they will lose there mommy. My last wish is that I get help for Christmas for them I want to see them with smile and happy and get Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. 

The Lopez Family

I would like to nominate my parents and brothers. My brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on November 25 just a day before Thanksgiving. He went in for back pain and he ended up with a diagnosis that is very, very scary. We did not get to spend Thanksgiving with him or see him due to covid restrictions. He started chemo the day after Thanksgiving. He can no longer work and he was the main provider as he lives with my parents and little brother. This is something that has affected my family in many ways financially, emotionally, mentally and physically for my brother. The doctor said he should be able to come home for Christmas and then he will be in the hospital every week for 4 days. I would like to make this Xmas special for them.

The Griffin Family

I've been unemployed since the pandemic started. I chose not to work to due to my child having respiratory health problems. Covid would have impacted us hard had I not had the opportunity to stay home and the results were me not being able to do certain things with my 3 girls. I would always have to tell them "when mama gets extra money I would be able to get them this or get them that. I just started back working but I'm playing catch up on my bills and I really want them to enjoy the holidays with a few things during Christmas.

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