Wanna look good on your zoom calls ? "Pajama Suit"

Want to look good for a Zoom meeting but don’t want to get too dressed up? A Japanese apparel company has created “Pajamas Suit” that’s meant to resemble office attire but feel as snug as sleepwear.

Aoki Holdings is marketing the navy, beige, black and dark grey suits for both men and women to teleworkers as “more than pajamas and less than fashionable clothes.”

Sold as suit separates, the jackets are knit cardigans and can be mixed and matched with elastic-waist pants designed for sitting for long periods. All items in the collection cost 4,990 yen ($48) each in Aoki’s online store.

The “pajama suit” highlights the ways clothing makers are trying to adapt as they struggle to sell business suits with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping office workers at home.

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