BLESS IT- TX Male teen Suspended for wearing nail polish!

Trevor appeared on 'GMA' and spoke out for the first time since the controversial suspension. He said opting for nail polish is his way to express himself and vows to end "discrimination, sexism, homophobia and racism in small towns that feel like they can enforce a dress code or rules that completely go against how people feel; that completely go against freedom of expression and completely break the federal law at that matter."

Trevor's grandfather, Leroy, said he hopes the school can re-think its policy and drop it. The district, which has a strict dress code, released a statement saying parents are provided a copy of the dress code each new school year and "the district cannot share any information regarding a specific student." More than 60k people have signed a petition to support Trevor.

A male high school student in Texas got punished for wearing nail polish on campus -- breaking the dress code -- which he's now calling discriminatory.

17-year-old Trevor Wilkinson started a petition this week after he received an in-school suspension Monday from officials at Clyde High School in West Texas. The reason ... he had painted his nails black and other colors.

When asked to remove the nail polish by the principal and vice-principal, Wilkinson refused ... and got his punishment, which he says he'll continue opting for as a form of protest.

Trevor, who is gay, said, "Imagine your school not allowing boys to paint their nails and giving boys [in school suspension] ... and the whole administration being ok with it, homophobic and sexist? Welcome to West Texas."

As for the school, their district -- Clyde Consolidated Independent School District -- spoke on its behalf with a blanket statement about the dress code policy ... without touching on Wilkinson specifically. BTW, CHS is a public school ... for what it's worth.

Anyway, CCISD says it conducts a thorough review of its dress code each year and make all students and parents well aware of it before the school year gets underway.

Regarding the nail polish rule -- which also extends to forbidding makeup on males -- the student handbook says students are given a chance to correct it in the moment but will face escalating punishment if they continue to violate the policy.

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