Texas Moms Create Map Showing Homes Open To Trick-or-Treaters On Halloween

No one knows quite how Halloween is going to look like this year, which make things difficult on parents who want to take their little ghouls and goblins out for trick-or-treating. While some communities are hosting trunk-or-treats or other events, two moms from Austin are using their data skills to find a safe way for kids and families to trick-or-treat the old fashion way - going door to door.

Ashley Wilson and Stephanie Fowler created the website No Tricks Just Treats, which has a map showing what houses are giving out candy this year and how they're doing it. The moms' backgrounds in data science and epidemiology is what inspired this project.

"I felt like it was important because it was what I would want to know as a mom planning trick-or-treating for my children," Wilson told Fox 7 Austin.

It's a crowd sourced map so people are free to list their own homes. Participating homes are shown as either a spider (houses passing out candy as normal); a cauldron (kids can take candy from a basket and have no interaction with the host); a pumpkin (hosts will wear face masks and maintain social distance); witch hats (kids can pick individual bags of treats and have no interaction with the host); or ghosts (the house will have a candy chute or another creative way to hand out candy).

The map also shows houses that are giving away allergy friendly treats.

This way parents can pick which houses they are comfortable letting their kids trick-or-treat at before heading out.

"Once it was all put together, I realized it was pretty impactful, and might make a difference to our communities, suburban families, neighborhoods who are enthusiastic about Halloween and those who may want to take their children out, but want to know what to expect before they do," said Wilson.

While Texas moms started the map, families across the country have already started using it.

Photo: Getty Images

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