Hayley Hubbard Is 'Savoring' The Last Few Moments As A Family Of Four

Hayley Hubbard Is 'Savoring' The Last Few Moments As A Family Of Four

Hayley Hubbard Is 'Savoring' The Last Few Moments As A Family Of Four

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley will welcome their third child any day now. Until that day comes, the couple is soaking up the final moments left as a family of four with their daughter Olivia, 2, and son Luca, 10 months.

On Wednesday (September 24), Hayley turned to Instagram to share a sweet photo of Olivia and Luca with their hands on her belly. "Savoring these last few moments as a family of four!," she wrote in the caption. "It’s been such a different pregnancy journey this year to say the least — but it’s been so nice to enjoy the sweet simple moments at home. Liv & Luca can’t wait to see meet their new baby brother!"

Hayley has kept fans up to date about her pregnancy through several social media posts throughout the year. Recently, she opened up about one of the more painful sides to her pregnancies in a post sharing several photos and videos of her varicose veins.

"They just continually get worse and more painful every time [I'm pregnant]," Hayley shared. "Last year I was told I needed to get them removed before I got pregnant again, but I guess God had different plans for us before I had a chance to make it to my vein removal."

"I wish I didn't care about how they looked, but I do," she continued. "I wish they weren't so miserably painful and itchy and throb all day & night. I wish I could be as active and on my feet as I normally am. And I wish I could wear shorts during my pregnancies without having to wear heavy duty compression socks."

For Hayley, this has been "the biggest hurdle" in her otherwise "relatively normal pregnancies." She says it "determines what I can and can’t do up on my feet, how much I can run around with my kids, how I dress, the list goes on."

"I wanted to share this for those of you that ask why I wear compression socks, but also to show how pregnancy can take its toll on a body and how strong women are," she added. "But most importantly to share some realness and that everything is not all it seems on instagram. We never know what someone may be going through so let’s just lead with kindness and empathy. 💛#varicoseveins #pregnancystruggles"

Tyler and Hayley first announced they were expecting baby number three on March 5 through photos of their daughter Olivia and son Luca, reacting to the news.

"Little brother, mommy and daddy are having another!'" Tyler captioned his post. "We were as surprised as Liv was and as speechless as Luca."

Hayley added on her post, "When Luca finds out he’s not the baby anymore…Surprise, here comes Hubbard baby #3!!"

The couple will welcome baby number three any time now!

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