What's Trending- First company with FDA approval clear surgical masks!

The Food and Drug Administration has given their official seal of approval to ClearMask LLC for the production of the company's clear-design masks. 

According to the company's website, the mask is "optimized for maximum clarity and comfort: making connections more human and providing clearer communication overall." 

"Ever since the pandemic started, ClearMask has worked with state emergency management agencies, hospitals, clinics, schools, essential workers, and different communities in need to get the masks out to as many people as possible" the company says on their website. 

ClearMask™ says that while the mask is overall helpful in terms of optimizing human connection- especially during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic- it can also make a significant difference to certain groups of people.

The deaf and hard of hearing, elderly persons, children, and those who are experiencing trauma or stress are just a few of the groups mentioned as those who may benefit from face-masks with clear coverings.