16-Year-Old Nickelodeon Actress Has Mask Accidentally Pierced Into Her Ear

Ouch! Nickelodeon actress Sissy Sheridan, who hosts the web series "DIY With Me," recently got an ear piercing and accidentally had her mask pierced to her ear.

Sheridan went to Icing at Claire's to get the piercing done, and afterwards, she made a TikTok video in her car after getting her ear (and mask) pierced, and in the clip, she explains what happened while in tears. She said, "I just got my third earring done, and the lady pierced my ear on my mask. And I can't get it off, and it hurts so bad. I hate your Claire's! Look at it! The white one, it's stuck on my ear. And they look so ugly, I just want to take them out."

The popular TikTok-er added in her video's caption, "Moral of the story. Don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic."

Sissy told BuzzFeed News that she went to Claire's with her mother and friend to get the piercing and that she was wearing two masks to adequately cover her face to protect her. She said, "I'm wearing two masks because one covered more than the other. The blue one didn't cover as much, and I knew the woman [doing the piercing] would be pretty close to me."

The 16-year-old also explained how the mask came to be pierced to her ear. She added, "She does the first one, which is the right ear, and that was the one [she got] the mask stuck in. I had no idea. I'm just sitting in the chair. I didn’t feel anything. There was no sign the mask had been punctured in the ear."

However, it wasn't until Sissy got into the car to go home that she realized the mask was pierced into her ear, because she was "kind of worked up" over the placement of the piercing, which she didn't like.

In a followup video, Sissy updated fans on the ear piercing situation, and said, "Basically, the mask is gone out of my ear, but there's still a piece of the mask string stuck in my ear. Because when it got pierced, it got pierced inside my ear, so there's a piece stuck. And my ears are too sore and sensitive right now, because I just got a hole pierced through them, to take the earring out, and pull it out. And also, once I take the earring out, it could also close up and it's going to hurt really bad, and I'm going to have to put the earring back in. So, I don't know what to do right now, because it's really hurting. But, it's fine because ... well, it's not fine, but we're going to figure it out tomorrow. I'm [gonna] get a refund though."

According to BuzzFeed News, Sissy and her mom sent the district manager of the store images of the mask string pierced to her ear, and asked for a full refund.

As Sheridan said in her first video: "Moral of the story. Don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic."

Photo: Getty Images