TESLA coming to ATX!

Tesla is acquiring $5 million worth of land outside of Austin, Texas to build its new factory as it is about to secure over $60 million in incentives for the project.

After our report, Tesla leaked that Tulsa, Oklahoma, was still in the running, but we were able to confirm that Tesla was already set to build in Austin, and it plans to move fast with hope to have a general assembly line for Model Y in Texas by the end of the year.

Now we’ve learned that Tesla is buying a 2,100-acre piece of land (pictured above) just outside Austin to build the factory.

The land is currently occupied by a sand and gravel mining site, but Tesla is buying the location for just over $5 million which was revealed in an application with the Texas Comptroller’s office.

of the site. The timeline for the relocation will be determined at a later date.”

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