Jason Derulo Morphs Into Spiderman For 'Wipe It Down' Challenge

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Jason Derulo's TikTok content has been giving us life during quarantine. On Saturday (Mat 23), the singer participated in the latest social media trend, the "Wipe It Down" challenge, where participants wipe down a large mirror and reveal different personalities or characters with each wipe.

The video shows a shirtless Derulo getting bit by a spider after his first wipe and morphing into Spider-Man after the second. The production quality is top notch, as he squirts webbing onto the mirror and, after showing off a few dance moves, shoots his web into the air and flies offscreen.

"With great power comes great responsibility," he captioned the video, referencing the comics. See Derulo's impressive "Wipe It Down" challenge entry below.

The "Other Side" singer has been quite the jokester on social media. In another recent TikTok video, he appears to break his two front teeth after attempting to eat corn on the cob on a drill. He also had fans thinking he shaved his eyebrow off after losing a bet in another video.

"That was a little CGI, don’t tell nobody," Derulo divulged during a Zoom interview with Elvis Duran. "Basically we played a game and the first one to miss was supposed to shave off their eyebrow. But you know, it was for the video. I probably wouldn’t have lost if it was ya know real."

Photo: Getty Images