Demi Lovato Champions Trans Rights, Discusses Racism With Alok Vaid-Menon

On Saturday (May 23), Demi Lovato chatted with her friend Alok Vaid-Menon about trans rights and racism as part of their Instagram Tour to promote their new book, Beyond the GenderBinary.

"There's so many differences in the human race, why are we given only two options?" the pop star questioned before steering the conversation to race. “I’m Hispanic, but I’m white-passing, so I’m like… what is my responsibility as an ally?” she said. “I learned that I have to put my fears aside and speak up for all of the people of color that I love, that I don’t know, and the people that are being treated poorly and abused and killed.”

“I need to put my fears aside," she confessed. "I just didn’t want anyone to question my intentions because I am white-passing. I'm going to educate myself and I'm gonna be an ally, and I think people need to do the same with the trans community."

She also championed the trans community in a separate Instagram post, promoting Vaid-Menon's book. "Trans rights are human rights!" she wrote, adding that Beyond the GenderBinary "is a great resource to learn more about how to support trans and gender non-conforming people."

"This will be a life saving resource for so many people and will change the way that you think about gender," she continued. "We all deserve to live in a world that celebrates our creativity over our conformity!"

Watch the full conversation and see Lovato's post below.

Photo: Getty Images