What's Trending - 50 MILES FOR THEIR SMILES


50 miles for their smiles is a project that promotes the culture and values of Ridgetop Elementary School, a Dual Language school in Austin.

This campaign will be launched on April 30th (Mexico's Children´s Day) and will finish during Field Day on May 15th, when I will attempt to run 50 miles in less than 8 hours around my apartment complex.

The goal is to collect funds for these wonderful kids to support their educational needs. 

Students will be different next year, and we will need lots of resources to aid their self regulation and whole child learning. I am asking for your support during these critical times to help the most valuable assets of this planet:the kids!

All of your contribution will go directly to the classrooms. The goal is to equip students with biliteracy resources,flexible seating,classroom supplies and class activities that support the varied facets of their learning needs. 


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