What's Trending - Woman falls from ceiling trying to escape Ohio Jail!

An Ohio woman tried to escape from a county jail with cameras, inmates and officers watching.

It all happened at the Mongomery County Jail in Dayton.

Jessica Boomershine stood on the seat attached to a kiosk for several minutes, staring at the ceiling, then stepped down.

She would then drag a chair over, apparently for more stable footing. She waits for a while, with no one paying attention and then climbs up on top of the monitor.

After a brief 30 second pause, she presumably moves a ceiling tile out of the way. Then, with other inmates now watching closely, climbs up and out of sight.

Fifteen seconds later, the first debris falls and corrections officers come into sight. One walks past just seconds before the ceiling completely gives way and Boomershine drops back through. More officers run over to grab her legs and she loses her grip, luckily landing partially on a trash can to avoid slamming her head on the tile floor.

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