KIDZ Bob Karen!

Kidz Bop Karen-- the mom who went viral for one of the most bizarre road rage incidents ever -- says only one insult from the internet mob is getting under her skin ... being labeled a Republican!!!

You've probably seen Kidz Bop Karen's rant and the resulting memes, but for the uninitiated, she's the mom who went ballistic on a rideshare driver and his passenger after getting cut off in traffic, punctuating her epic tirade by saying her kids couldn't hear her saying "bitch" because they were listening to Kidz Bop.

Anyway, Kidz Bop Karen -- as she's been dubbed -- tells TMZ she's catching tons of flak for her diatribe, with most trolls coming after her for what some say is a clear case of white privilege. She's taking it all in stride, but tells us being called a GOP supporter is the worst insult of all.

Karen concedes her behavior reeks of white privilege, acknowledging things could have ended very differently if she were a minority.

In fact, Karen says she actually appreciates the negative feedback -- aside from the Republican taunts -- saying her behavior is fair game for trolls because she acted like this in public.

KBK is taking her own advice and calming down ... she says she wants to apologize to the driver, and she's got no lingering beef with the woman who filmed her rant from the backseat.

Oh, and Karen gave us the answer to the million-dollar question ... her kids were listening to Kidz Bop's "Old Town Road."

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