Gossip Greg's- Bless it of the day!

AKRON, Ohio-- Someone stole the air conditioning unit from Akron Alliance Fellowship Church about three weeks ago, according to Pastor Gus Brown.

It was a loss of $3,500 for the church that sits on Diagonal Road in Akron.

“It was a brand new unit that we had just put in. We hadn’t even made the first payment on it yet, it had only been in a few days,” Brown said.

The church immediately called Akron police.

“They cut the wires nicely, they cut the tubing with a tubing cutter. They had to know what they were doing. It had to be at least two, because one person would not have been able to pick it up,” Brown said.

In the meantime, the church put up a new sign that reads: "Whoever stole our A C Unit: Keep it. It’s hot where you’re going."

Brown said the meaning is clear.

“That you are wrong and staying on this path will only get you one place. And we don’t want you to go there. Our desire is to even see him at our church one day,” Brown said.

Bible studies and services will continue, despite this weekend’s heat.

The church plans to hold an offering plate this Sunday for the AC fund. -- BLESS THAT

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