Hannah Brown Just Asked Tyler Cameron Back Out

Ummm It's Obvious now that Hannah Made a mistake and she knows it.... Feelings don't just go away, right?

Tyler Cameron reunited on live TV at the end of last nights'sThe Bachelorette finale, just after we watched an hour and a half of Hannah getting engaged to Jed, learning of Jed's betrayal, grilling Jed about that betrayal, taking off her engagement ring from Jed, dumping Jed, reuniting with Jed and telling him it was definitely over, and announcing that she's doing pretty well as a single, independent woman. 

She is doing really well as an independent single woman, as she said, "being on my own and growing and really taking everything that I've learned," but she was also grinning like a Cheshire cat before Tyler even came out to sit next to her on stage. 

Apparently they hadn't seen each other since she let him down in Greece, but as we said and she also said, feelings don't just go away, especially when they're feelings about a guy like Tyler, who we still think is maybe one of the best guys this show has ever seen. 

Tyler first gushed about Hannah, as he is wont to do, including a few accidental curse words on live television. 

"I'm so excited to see her. I was looking forward to this day, actually. It was a tough break up, and it was hard, but I have so much respect for you and I loved watching the season, how powerful and strong you've been." 

He said he thought Hannah was going to be "in good hands" with Jed, and it's been tough to see her go through this breakup. 

"She is a fighter, one of the strongest people I have met, the world is hers. And I know that." 

Then it was Hannah's turn. 

"I know that with Tyler, he's been so supportive and so respectful of me, not just on our journey together but even afterwards. Our relationship was real to me and special and everything I said, I meant and I felt and it didn't just go away, and I still, like, have feelings. I'm really confident in who I am now and being on my own and growing and Really taking everything I've learned and what I want in a next relationship, but I don't know. I mean, I've always said I want somebody to be bold and I'm bold, and I make bold moves, and you're an incredible guy and I'm a single girl…so? I just thought maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out."

"I would love to, just tell me when, I'm there." BLESSSS IT!

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