Taking risks for the GRAM! Would you??!

FIRST OF ALL..... We all do crazy things for "like's" on the GRAM but......

  • Instagrammers are flocking to a toxic blue lake in Siberia to take selfies.
  • The lake is actually an “ash dump.”

In what truly seems like some sort of metaphor for, IDK, humanity in 2019 or something, Instagrammers are flocking to a bright-blue lake in Siberia to take pics. And that lake, turns out (!!!), is a toxic dump.

The stunning blue water is understandably a huge draw for those of us who love taking pictures against pretty backgrounds (guilty), but tragically, many people have no idea that they’re posing next to the lake equivalent of a trash fire. A nearby coal-plant operator has even had to issue a warning, writing in a statement, “You cannot swim in the ash dump” and “We ask that in the pursuit of the selfie not to fall into the ash dump!”

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