Update on Bowie High School

school classroom

Yesterday School and Events for Bowie High School had been cancelled due to vandalism. Security Camera's caught a young man on camera who can be seen breaking over 100 windows in the school. In doing so they have found Asbestos in the school, which AISD now has to remove.

"It really does impact the kids," said Theresa Bastain, the PTSA Vice-President. "It's a pretty blatant act of vandalism, there were at least 100 windows that were broken."

Also, students are a little concerned over the damage, but the communities response gives them hope.

"It's very rare to find a community that's supportive of a school," said Joey Mata.

The community is able to help by donations for anything damaged inside, or to help students and faculty feel more welcomed when school does open up.

Click here to donate and help get our kids back to school

Shout out KVUE For providing the info, see the man here

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