Leander Parents are some of the greatest!

Teachers, the people in charge of our future and our children's education, never seem to make enough, or have enough money for supplies they need.

Parents at a school in Leander worked to ease the stress of teachers financial burden during this holiday season.

Parents of the students expressed how thankful they are for the teachers.

"These teachers aren't found everywhere,” said George King, whose 4 children go to Founders Classical Academy Charter School in Leander.

"Extraordinary things are happening here, and that's largely because of the teachers,” said parent Elliott Pemberton.

"They have the passion for the subjects they're teaching, and they inspire my children” said parent Wendy Wells.

In total, the parents raised more than $70,000 this year.

Wednesday, parents gave the teaching staff a check for $35,000.

Last year the parents raised about $30,000 just for the other school expenses.

The rest of the money from this year will go to the other school expenses.

Thanks KVUE for the info

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