Wilco Animal Shelter got hit by Thieves

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is asking for the community's help and support, after all of their off-site adoption supplies were stolen late Friday night or early Saturday morning from a Georgetown PetSmart.

The thief came away with six large kennels and other supplies needed for adoption events, totaling hundreds of dollars.

The shelter stores their supplies at the PetSmart because that's where they hold their off-site adoption events. After this burglary, they had to cancel this weekend's event.

The shelter is currently over-capacity, made worse after 19 dogs were brought in Friday, which means they rely on off-site adoption every weekend. 

Thanks CBS for the info

"Especially after yesterday, taking in those 19 dogs and helping them out, and waking up this morning to a text message saying our offsite adoption supplies are gone is just another hit," said the shelter's Misty Valenta.

Valenta says they are a no-kill shelter, but they need off-site adoption events to stay that way.

With a burglary like this, she says the animals become the victims.

"Through adoptions we save about 4,500 animals a year. If we're not able to do adoptions, that puts lives at risk."

Georgetown police are leading this investigation.

In the meantime, the shelter is left wondering why anyone would steal from them.

"Taking supplies from an organization that's just trying to day-in and day-out save lives is hurtful," Valenta says.

The shelter is hoping to have an adoption event next weekend.

Many of the items stolen were bright purple. Anyone with any information is asked to call the police.

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