Clark Griswold Lights in Austin

A family based their Christmas lights display off the iconic movie scene for a neighborhood decorating contest, but the display may have been a little too realistic.

The family combed through consignment shops in the area to find the perfect outfit for the dummy, who they nicknamed "Clark Griswold Jr." -- a flannel button-up, down vest, baseball cap, jeans and "dad" sneakers KVUE reported.

Norwood could be seen in the home's front porch camera running up to the display, shouting to the hanging man, "Please hold on!"

The concerned good Samaritan then took the nearby ladder, which was carefully placed to look as if it were falling, and placed it near the dummy to assist him, the video showed.

"Can you reach it?" Norwood asked.

Eventually the owner of the home came out and told the passerby that it was just a prop and not a real person, and they had quite a laugh together

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