Three Suspected Pick-Pockets in Austin

Austin Police Advise there are three men who just flew in Thursday who are suspected to be part of a larger, organized crime ring that pickpocketed several people in Nashville and several clubs and bars.

According to sources in the department, officers confronted the three men when they landed in Austin Thursday and searched for any missing reported items. They did not find any stolen goods on the men so they were released.

However, that source tells KVUE that the three men were warned that police were keeping a very close eye on them.

The men were identified as 31-year-old Jorge Lam AKA Jorge Ernesto; 40-year-old Frank Lam AKA Frank Lam Fiorenzano, and 31-year-old Yonny Valina AKA Yonny Valina Almentero. They expected to be in Austin through Sunday.

KVUE has all the info here

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