Texas Woman Uses Explosives to Destroy Dress

Overview of bright nuclear explosion mushroom cloud

With 'divorce parties' all the rage these days, one Texas woman took celebrating the end of her marriage a step further by literally blowing up the gown she wore to walk down the isle.

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler of LaCoste, Texas recently finalized her divorce after 14 years of marriage — and she clearly wasn't holding on to any warm, fuzzy feelings about her ex.

On Saturday, the 43-year-old hosted a bash for family and friends to help her celebrate the occasion, with the festivities culminating in an explosion in which she blew her white dress apart.

There, they'd rigged up her dress with 20lbs of Tannerite, and explosive material, and Kimberly walked 200 yards away with a rifle in her hands.

She shot at it, setting off the explosives and causing a large 'boom' and fireball to erupt — which was so violent that neighbors heard it from miles away. 

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