This family turned their house into Whattaburger

It’s no secret that Whataburger means a great deal to Texans. And Austin couple Nicole Jensen and Cheri Horner took that devotion to the max this Halloween season. They didn’t just wear their pride, they dressed their house to match. 

The pair adorned their home with a custom-painted winged Whataburger “W” and rolled out the orange carpet for the guests at Whataween, their, well, Whataburger-themed Halloween party held this weekend.  They made their own vintage-looking uniforms, complete with matching Whataburger socks and hats. And most impressively, they managed to employ the help of a local franchise for genuine menus, trays, Spicy Ketchup, and other Whaccoutrements, including a massive banner advertising the inarguably delicious Monterey Melt, which they hung on their porch. And you won’t believe what they served! Party goers enjoyed around $500 worth of genuine Whataburger fare.

Texas Monthly has the full scoop here


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